The Truth about Spider Goats

. Tuesday, August 18, 2009
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The Truth about Spider Goats

The Truth about Spider GoatsThe following YouTube video is of a television report where you can see these “spider goats” and where scientists describe exactly how they create these spider goats and what they are doing with them. The funny thing is that these scientists are not even trying to hide it anymore. These fibers are apparently more durable than Kevlar, more stretchable than nylon, and stronger than steel. The genetic modification causes these spider goats to produce spider silk protein in their milk that is collected, purified and spun into super strong fibers.

The Canadian company Nexia has produced goats that are genetically modified to be part spider. Yes, animals that are part goat and part spider really exist. , featured this major article about spider goats, and according to them this has been going on for quite some time. This company sees nothing wrong with messing with nature to harvest a substance that has very valuable industrial and military applications. The Telegraph, one of the leading newspapers in the U.K. If you do not believe us now, you will believe by the end of this article. {source}

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