Most Expensive Cruise Destination

. Sunday, May 4, 2008

The tourist season is also the time when the region gets the most sunlight.
The tourist season in the Antarctic region is relatively short.
Antarctica may not be the most hospitable region in the world, but it's popular enough to guarantee that cruises destined for the southernmost continent will have passengers aplenty.
Freezing wind, icebergs, penguins and a dearth of hotel rooms—these are the things you'll find in the most expensive cruise destination in the world.
The four months from November to February are the only time the temperatures are high enough to make the trip.
February also brings more whale sightings than any other time of year.
Hatching penguins can be seen in December and November while slightly more mature young can be seen in February.
In December and January, days can last up to 20 hours.
The wildlife you'll see also depends on when you go.
The operational cost of an Antarctic voyage, as well as a lack of tourist infrastructure on the mainland, ensures that ticket prices won't be going down anytime soon.
A cruise to the world's most expensive destination may cost as little as $5,000 and could climb as high as $26,000 or higher!
The largest ships only offer sail-by tours of the continent—no disembarkation from the ship.
Antarctic cruises most often start in South America.

Smart Air, Europe's New Fractional Service, Opts For the D-Jet


Smart Air is based in Luxembourg and will operate their fleet across Europe, planning offices in Finland, UK, France, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg), Germany and Italy offering access to 1,835 airports.
The website doesn't offer the details o the fractional service but it looks like a fairly standard fractional service with different prices for the various areas in Europe.
A European jet operator has become the first fractional ownership company to use the single-engine Diamond D-Jet.
Deliveries of the plane are set to begin in the first quarter of 2010.
Smart Air has ordered eight personal jets and has options for more.

Most Expensive Apartment


The city also boasts the world's most expensive apartment—and construction on it hasn't even been finished!
In fact, the world's most expensive house was just recently sold there.
Houses aren't the only expensive properties in London, though.
London has long been one of the exclusive real estate capitals of the world.
The four penthouse apartments atop One Hyde Park, London's newest and most luxurious address, sold well before the arrival of the new year.
The building, developed by Candy & Candy and funded by Qatar's foreign minister, will include eighty apartments designed by architect Richard Rogers.
The building will cost £1.5 billion (around $3 billion USD) to develop and Candy & Candy plan to have it finished sometime in 2010.
It will also feature communal spas, squash courts and even a private wine-tasting facility.
One of the four penthouse apartments was sold for over £100 million (over $200 million at the time), making it the most expensive apartment in the world.
Other apartments in the building are going for an average of over £20 million (around $40,000).
Each of the four penthouses will have a number of security features, including bulletproof glass, panic rooms and access to an underground passage leading to a nearby hotel.

$300,000 Goldmund's Epilogue Speaker System


With its geometric appeal, the speakers have a cool layer of polished black that offers them a feel of classiness.
The speakers come with integrated adrenaline boosters that would make your media room more lively.
News is Goldmund's Media Room comes equipped with Epilogue speakers by the same producer.
It seems Goldmund believes in making big as history states its pricey invention of world's most expensive turntable and not to forget the $17, 0000 Blu-ray player.
This one demands a loud sum of it is subjective to your first hand hearing experience and desires.
It demands a hefty price but is worth paying.