Handbag of the Day

. Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are skulls still in? I guess it makes sense that they are (and will always be) since they're one of the universal symbols for "bad-ass" and that attitude just never goes out of fashion.

I like this crystal-encrusted take on the skull by Thomas Wylde but I can't help but wonder why the little guy's mouth is hanging open ... is he hungry? About to say something? He looks more shocked than he does tough. Anyway ...

This Zanzibar Leather Clutch is made fold-over style with a zip closure on the front. Simple and interesting, I think this is the kind of handbag that grows on you over time. $1,495

Veranda motor home opens up to reveal a roomy motorized balcony

. Friday, August 8, 2008

Its time to move out of the confines of concrete and set off in another house with a balcony! Yeah, you read it right, it isn't a typo…..I did mean 'in another house' and 'not to another house'. For luxurious nomads, Country Coach has the ultimate answer with its Veranda series of luxury motor coaches. Living it out in motor homes shouldn't deprive you of any comfort that you are used to otherwise. And so to feed its clientele with little more indulgence, Veranda opens up niftily to accommodate a roomy balcony. Instantly transforming your room in to a luxurious suite with a veranda, this feature will call out to all those who seek to sip their tea watching sunrise and sunset from an open deck when on a holiday.

Bugatti does the Targa with a whopping $2,250,300


Thanks to Autoblog that I now finally know the exact dubbing of the 16.4 Bugatti Targa. While Autoblog keeps doing the same with its first reveller, I feel grand to call it the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Don't give a damn of how Bugatti would convince people to go for it without a retractable roof (it has opted for a removable one rather), the electronically limited 217mph car would be up for the grab at Pebble Beach with a starting auction price of $2,250,300. Not many choose to go off the veil at the Concourse d'Elegance but for a devil that would get 80 incarnations only, the debut sounds suitable. Two weeks more and then we could have the price of the first topless Bugatti ever sold, something which could set a new standard for the riches when they talk about their topless (in all passiveness) possessions. Is there anyone still complaining about that roof, well then, with all that money involved, the choice is yours to make.