Florida highrise has 32 stories, but just 1 tenant

. Sunday, August 2, 2009
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Florida highrise has 32 stories, but just 1 tenant

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Vangelakos' southwest Florida common ownership has marble floors, a vast pool unaware a stream as well as complicated furnishings which verbalise of lavishness as well as luxury. What they don't have in a 32-story office office building is a singular neighbor. The New Jersey family of 5 purchased their section 4 years ago, when Fort Myers was in a surrounded by of a housing bang as well as any hints of an imminent monetary predicament were buried in highly evolved dreams of enlargement as well as development. They done a $10,000 down remuneration as well as energetically watched as builders remade an dull lot in to an prosperous tall rise, a single which right away symbolizes a foreclosure crisis.

"The destiny was starting to be southwest Florida," pronounced Victor Vangelakos, 45, a glow captain who programmed to in a future retire as well as live henceforth in a condo. Most of a alternative tenants in a 200-unit apartment house didn't tighten upon their contracts, as well as a couple of which did have eliminated to an diagonally opposite office office building owned by a same association since some-more people live there. The Vangelakos' debt lender will not concede them to do a same. That leaves them as a solitary residents of a Oasis Tower One. [source]

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