Blind Zone Mirror or blind spot mirror

. Wednesday, August 19, 2009
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Blind Zone Mirror or blind spot mirror

Blind Zone Mirror or blind spot mirrorFord's third and final feature to help reduce the number of accidents involving a vehicle's blind spot is a small mirror that is fitted within a vehicle's side-view mirror. The new features will bow on most 2009 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles and will help motorists avoid accidents involving the vehicle's blind spots. Ford failed to mention exactly which vehicles would be receiving the new features, but said that most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles should be seeing the upgrades. The system is designed to help drivers when backing out of a parking spot and can detect other vehicles withing 65 feet of either side of the vehicle's rear bumper.

Ford's system will alert drivers when another vehicle is in their blind spot (blind spot mirror) by sounding an audible warning and illuminating an indicator in the vehicle's side view mirror. The first technology — which Ford has dubbed Blind Spot Monitoring System — will launch in early 2009 and will use radar to track vehicles in the driver's blind spot. Along with Ford's Blind Spot Monitoring System, the Blue Oval will also be introducing a Cross Traffic Alert in 2009. While this sort of technology is not new to the industry, this is actually the first time that any Ford vehicle will be equipped with such a system.
While this technology won't be of much use on the highway, it promises to reduce the number of parking lot fender benders. Reminiscent of the "fish eye" mirrors of the 1980s, the small integrated mirror (Blind Zone Mirror)will give drives a better view down the side of the vehicle. {summarized}

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