Most Expensive Dice

. Tuesday, January 8, 2008
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Their 16mm d20 Meteorite Dwarven Stones are, as their title suggests, twenty-sided dice made of meteorite.
The six sides of each die measure in at 0.3 mm each, with 0.05 mm pips.
From the gold-plated, six-sided die to the colossal, and somewhat awkward, 100-sided die, there has always been some special die for gaming enthusiasts to drool over.
The second most expensive dice in the world are offered by Crystal Caste, a company specialized in dice made from precious materials.
Yes, these tiny dice are the most expensive dice in the world.
The smallest and most expensive die in the world
Each of these expensive dice is made of 0.00016 grams of brass.
The most expensive die in the world may be ordered, with an accompanying case, through Nippon Style—if you know Japanese.
Iriso Seimetsu, a Japanese company, has created exactly that.
The Meteorite Dwarven Stones can be ordered for $200 through Crystal Caste's website.
Even with the latest micromachine technology, these dice take nine hours each to produce.